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The purpose is to separate two kinds of soil layers which have different granularity, or two kinds of layers from different materials which need to be separated, without preventing water circulation.

Applications : Fill on soft soil, fill in road construction, gravels in railway, beach reclamation, etc.

Product : Geocomposite, Non Woven GeotextilePP Woven Geotextile


In the installation of geomembrane or GCL, it is required to apply protector material in order to prevent the liner to be torn by any sharp material below it. For that reason a protection material is needed.

Applications : In the installation of geo-liner on the ground, in the tunnel, in the sub-grade construction, etc.

Product : Non Woven Geotextile


As a fastener in the construction of retaining wall, such as at road and slopes.

Applications : Segmental Retaining Wall, Gabion Wall, etc.

Product : HDPE Uni-axial GeogridPP Woven GeotextilePET Woven Geotextile


The purpose of filtration is to prevent soil particles migration with the flow of water.

Applications : Break-water construction, jetty, rip-rap, perforated drainage pipe, Dredging Area etc.

Product : Silt CurtainNon Woven Geotextile


To flow the water from soil, vertically or horizontally. In the vertical drain, the aim is to flow the water from subsoil to the surface, in order to establish ground settlement. While in horizontal drain, it is simply to flow the water to the final canal.

Applications : Beach reclamation, sport field, golf course, port construction, fill area, etc.

Product : Prefabricated Vertical DrainGeotextile Encased Columns 


The function of the liner is to prevent unwanted liquid/material to penetrate to the soil, to avoid pollution.

Applications : Liner in waste / non waste containment, artificial lake, land fill, tailing and fly-ash dumping yard, coal stock-pile, etc.

Product : GeomembraneGeosynthetics Clay Liner


Woven and non woven geotextile can be used as a wrapping material to make solid mattress (geotextile bag filled with: sand / mortar). This product is a solution for projects which locates far from rocks source and near to the sand source.

Applications : Jetty, break water, coastal protection, rip-rap, etc.

Product : GeobagGeotextile TubeConcrete MattressGeotextile Encased Columns


To distribute the load on the soft soil to be more equal, so it can bear any construction weight above it, much better.

Applications : Fill on soft soil, fill in road construction, gravels in railway, beach reclamation, etc.

Product : PP Bi-axial GeogridPET Bi-axial GeogridGeocompositePP Woven GeotextilePET Woven Geotextile

Erosion Control

Erosion control function is to protect the soil surface from erosion due to rain or water flow on the surface. In addition, the protected area can also be planted with vegetation.

Applications: The slopes of the road, Golf Course, Bank, etc.

Product : Erosion Control MatConcrete Mattress

Asphalt Reinforcement

Asphalt Reinforcement function is for the crack in the asphalt layer due to the traffic load.

Application: highway, airport, etc.

Product : Asphalt Reinforcement

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